Agent Opportunities  

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in wanting to become our Independent Sales Agent (ISA). Below you will find a lot of information so you can learn how to get started. What is exciting about our seminars is that there is no one doing what we are doing and there are NO books or other programs to teach contractors on "How to bid on public entity construction jobs in every trade". What this means for you is that you have an opportunity to work from home and get in on the ground floor and market a service that is fresh and new to contractors. There are NO fees or cost associated to you with becoming our ISA. This is about us paying you and saying thank you for helping us grow and book our seminars.
  1. Start by filling out our ISA agreement, W-9 Form & NDA.
    1. Click Here now to sign the above electronically.
    2. Study our website and videos and this whole page.
    3. We can create your Public Entity Bids Seminars email if you want one.
    4. Begin selling our seminars to contractors all over the country and get paid commissions.
  2. Where can I find contractors to call? A very good source is It is the most comprehensive construction directory in the country. Or you can use your own list or Google or any library which has FREE lists of contractors nationwide.
  3. What kind of contractors can I call? You can call any kind of contractor; General contractors, builders, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, which are your heating and air conditioning contractors, painting, piping, excavating, concrete, paving, fencing, roofing, pool, mechanical, landscaping, flooring, pressure washing, exhaust hood cleaning, fire suppression, fire alarm, sprinkler, tree cutting...ALL OF THEM!!! There are bids for all these trades.
  4. What locations should I call? Once you see the seminar locations listed on the website for 2016 and 2017, you can call contractors from that state or from neighboring states. But nothing says you can't call contractors in a far away state for the seminar coming up 3 months from now in their own home state. Also, we will be having seminars in our corporate office in Sanford/ Orlando Florida every month, so they can fly in if they don't want to wait for the one in their state.
  5. How much does the seminar cost? Contractors will pay $1,200 for a one day seminar to learn, "How to get bonded and how to bid and find public entity government projects that go out to bid". In the seminar, students will examine real construction bids and even fill out a mock up bid in class. Additional employees can attend for an additional fee of $600. This fee is non-refundable once it has been paid. If they pay but can't attend, they have the right to come to an upcoming seminar for up to one year without losing the seminar.
  6. Is there a script I can use to call Contractors? This is what we use, but feel free to revise or use your own. There is no right or wrong way, as long as it works. So in the parenthesis below, insert the city of the seminar and also personalize the type of contractor you are talking if you're talking to a painter, then you say "There are hundreds of painting jobs" ...if a plumber, "there's hundreds of plumbing jobs", etc.

    AGENT: Hi, this is Chris, I'm calling from Public Entity Bids. Does your company currently bid on municipal, government or public entity painting jobs?

    PAINTING CONTRACTOR: No, we don't bid on those types of jobs.
    AGENT: Well, I'm calling to let you know that we are hosting a 1-day construction seminar in (City) that teaches you how to get into bidding those kind of jobs. Many contractors don't know, that there's hundreds of (painting) jobs that go out to bid every week...that's where the big money is at. The seminar is taught by a retired government contractor and we will teach you all the trade secrets on public entity bidding. Can you bid on projects that are $50,000 to $500,000?

    PAINTING CONTRACTOR: Yes, we can bid up to $200,000 is the biggest job we have done.

    AGENT: That's excellent. I will send you an email with information on how to register for our seminar and a link to our website and with your permission, I would like to follow up with you in 3 days and let me know if you should reserve a seat for you. What is the best number to call you back at? And whose attention should I send the email to?

    PAINTING CONTRACTOR: You can call me on my cell at: 232-333-4444. And send the email to me

    AGENT: John, it was a pleasure speaking with you and we look forward to speaking with you again and having you attend our seminar.

    1. (If they say yes they do bit on public entity jobs...You have to make sure that they are bidding on them as a prime contractor, not a subcontractor, because if they are just a subcontractor, then they need our seminar because it means they are not bonded as a prime contractor)
    2. Some subcontractors are bonded but for single small jobs under a bonded general contractor, and not the full prime bonding program to be able to bid government work as a prime contractor by themselves.
  7. How does a contractor pay for the seminar or sign up? Once you get the green light from a contractor, you can ether take their credit card information over the phone or they can go online at and register online using Pay Pal. Once they do that, they will receive a receipt and an email from our site confirming that seminar they signed up for.
  8. How will I get the credit for Contractors I sign up? You will be given an Agent Code by our program once you register as an ISA. When a contractor fills out the registration form on line, he will be asked to enter either the name or Agent Code. However, we have a secondary measure in place to protect your clients by registering them on our CRM program which we call NEST. You will receive a user and password to be able to access NEST and enter all your notes, reminders, alerts, etc of all the people you talk to, so we will know whose customer the contractor belongs to. If the same customer is entered twice by another agent, it will not allow it but say it exists already to another agent. Please understand that NEST is not for dumping 10,000 emails of contractors and claiming them as your own...we will NOT allow that and you can lose your status as our ISA for doing things like that. NEST is for registering companies that you actually had a conversation with and sent information to and will follow up to close. So please be respectful of the process so we can all work in a great environment.
  9. How much are my commissions? Your commissions are $250 for each person you bring to the seminar that pays $1,200 and $100 commissions for each additional person you bring to the seminar that pays $600 as an employee of the contractor that has already paid $1,200.
  10. How soon do we pay commissions? We pay your commissions on the Friday of the following week that you have made your sale. That gives us enough time to process the transaction and for money to clear. We can either mail you a check or wire it directly into your bank account.
  11. Do we give ISA's exclusivity for specific areas? Typically, we do not. However, if you are a diligent and strong agent that continuously brings us good sales, we will consider not putting any other ISA's in that area and allow you to continue building your territory. Show us commitment and results and we will show you more money!!
  12. Can I come to the Seminars? Yes, you are welcome to come to the seminars and learn and meet the people you signed up. There is no cost to you to attend.
  13. Where will Construction Seminars be held? See a list on our website of all the areas and states of our upcoming seminars.
  14. Watch a learning video now. Coming Soon!
  15. STARTING NEXT WEEK, WE WILL BE HAVING WEEKLY PHONE CONFERENCE CALLS AND LEARNING SESSIONS WITH ALL ISA'S SO LOOK FOR OUR EMAILS. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact our office toll free Mon- Sat at 1(844) 537- 5686 and ask for Joe.