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This is a live, one day seminar taught by a retired government bonded contractor. The seminar is offered live through our school in Orlando/Sanford, Florida and many other places throughout the country once or twice a month. The times are from 10AM - 5PM. Please see schedule below. The benefits of coming to our live seminar is that you will learn the art of bidding public entity and government funded bids and also get hands on practice with examining and filling out a sample public entity government bid and a simulation of how a real public entity bid takes place. (* Complementary Bid Manual/Guide & Lunch Included).
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The cost of our seminar is $1200 per person / first person (if company). The same is reduced to $600 each for additional employees from the same company. One year phone support is included.

This is the first manual of its kind and it is included as part of your seminar. It will reveal to you trade secrets from a retired government bonded contractor. Everything from how to get bonded to finding government contracts, to the art of bidding and winning bids. This manual and seminar is a MUST if you want to know everything there is to know about Public Entity Government Bonded jobs for ALL trades and growing your construction company beyond the residential and commercial sectors..

2016 Seminar Location & Schedule - (1 Day, 10am-5pm)

December, 17, 2016, Orlando, Florida

2017 Seminar Location & Schedule - (1 Day, 10am-5pm)

January, 21, 2017, Orlando, Florida
February, 11, 2017, San Diego, California
February, 18, 2017, Orlando, Florida
March, 09, 2017, Las Vegas, NV
March, 18, 2017, Orlando, Florida
April, 15, 2017, Orlando, Florida
May, 11, 2017, East Brunswick, New Jersey
May, 20, 2017, Orlando, Florida
June, 17, 2017, Orlando, Florida
July, 08, 2017, Orlando, Florida
July, 20, 2017, Modesto, California
September, 09, 2017, East Brunswick, New Jersey
September, 16, 2017, Orlando, Florida
October, 14, 2017, Orlando Florida
November, 11, 2017, Los Angeles, California
November, 18, 2017, Orlando, Florida
December, 09, 2017, Orlando, Florida


- Registration required, 30 days prior: $1,200/ 1st Person
- $600/ Each additional employee from same company
- One year phone support is included

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Attend In-Person the Live Seminar on "How to get bonded and bid on public entity & government funded bids" ($1,200 for the 1st person & $600 for each additional employee). I understand all purchases are final. If you miss a seminar, we would be happy to place you in another seminar date for up to 6 months.

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